The Nelson/Tasman region is a beautiful area with stunning scenery and many communities of a creative and entreprenerial nature creating interest and diversity.

The Ruby Coast stretches from Mapua to Kina and is one of those unique areas with quaint villages, cafés, small businesses and artisans, surrounded by over 22 kilometres of coastline.

The Coastal Initiative Group (CIG) was initially set up in 2008 as a co-operative between the Mapua & Districts Business Association (MDBA), the Tasman Area Community Association (TACA) and the Mapua & Districts Community Association (MDCA) to:

  • ensure the construction of the Ruby Bay bypass (RBBP) which was completed in December 2010 was progressed with the wishes of affected communities.
  • establish an identity for the coastal fringe being divided from the Moutere Hills by the RBBP and as a consequence the "Ruby Coast" was born.
  • support initiatives that enhance the Ruby Coast as a great place to live, work and play; a place that is attractive and user-friendly to visit.

To progress the sculpture projects, RCIG recognised the need to formalise the work it undertook and established a Trust with charitable status. In October 2013 the Ruby Coast Initiative Trust (RCIT) became a reality.

The Trust is committed, in attaining its purpose, to:

  • focus on strategic issues that support the development of an overall plan and vision for the Ruby Coast.
  • support the development and activities that create an attractive, sustainable community with active and diverse activities.
  • support initiatives that enhance the Ruby Coast as a great place to live and an attractive place for visitors.
  • inspire the local community to reach its full potential.
  • work co-operatively with other community groups in the area.


Meet the team

Chairperson                 Neil Bruce-Miller

Secretary                     Janet Taylor

Treasurer                     Marion Satherley