Gateway Sculptures Project

The first sculpture has been installed near the Tasman Village turnoff on Aporo Road. It is 9 metre high, constructed of recycled stainless steel with silhouette cut outs of birds found in the Moutere Inlet. There is also an information panel to learn about the local bird-life and acknowledge major sponsors.

The focus is now on the Mapua sculpture which will be of similar shape and design but with fish and other marine life depicted. It will be placed at the southern entry to the Ruby Coast on the edge of Higgs Reserve on Mapua Drive, near the turn-off from the Coastal Highway to Mapua Village.

The final gateway will be a series of totems with birds & fish and will be placed beside the bypass near the junction of the Coastal Highway and Stagecoach Rd & underpass.

The vision is to encourage visitors to turn off on to the Ruby Coast Scenic Drive, where they will discover an area of spectacular natural beauty and welcoming, vibrant communities - a creative region which fosters interest and intrigue.

You can support the Mapua Sculpture by:

Purchasing a $30
signed print
of Mapua Montage,
created by local artist Betty Salter.
To order your print, phone Janet on
540 3364 or email

Purchasing a scaled
limited edition
mini-sculpture (1m. high) with or
without lighting (from $900).
To order your mini-sculpture, phone Janet on
540 3364 or email