The Interpretative Signs Project




The Vision

To construct a series of interpretative signs/panels throughout the Ruby Coast that provide useful information on ecology, history, way finding, cycle and walkway links, local attractions etc. 

There are two phases to the production of each sign:

  • To identify suitable locations which have historic elements and points of interest within the Ruby Coast.
  • Source funding; gain resource consent; undertake the research, design work and construction of the sign itself.

To date three signs have been funded, researched and constructed.

  • The sign located at Mapua Wharf records its early use as a vibrant port.
  • In Ruby Bay the sign explains Tasman Bay's geology and history.
  • The Tasman sign is located near the site of the future Aporo Sculpture and provides information on the Moutere Inlet's ecology and local orcharding history.

Any suggestions and financial contributions towards this vision will be gratefully received.